ICE WELL Live Well

The ICE WELL Live Well is a revolutionary new ice fishing product designed to help keep your fish alive and unfrozen.  Created from a custom blend of a non-buoyant polypropylene with added impact and cold modifiers the ICE WELL Live Well does not inherently float and has increased cracking and cold (freeze down) resistance under EXTREME conditions in the field.

The ICE WELL Live Well is designed to fit within a standard five (5) gallon bucket which makes the ICE WELL easy to transport to and from your ice fishing destination.

“Drill” an extra 8 inch or 10 inch ice fishing hole, “Drop” in the ICE WELL Live Well, let it fill and settle and it’s ready to be “Filled” with your catch, waiting until you’re ready to “Pull it” for the ride home.

Remember…with the ICE WELL Live Well its easy as :  Drill it.. Drop it.. Fill it.. Pull it..!

“Respect the Resource, Keep ‘em Alive”

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